Music and the soul


Music that the heart I’m just about every culture on the planet. Musicians from all over the world every day or creating things and composing beautiful artistic works that light in the hearts and brighten soles of names of people everyday. What can we say about music why does it Inspire us so much why do we get those good feelings when those things those rhythms those words those harmonies in those Melodies Shake our souls.

When the drumming starts and the drumbeats and Sue the Rhythm Room can we fill all the way down into our very beings. When we when we compare or analyze drum software we can actually see the human component emanating from the digital Beauty. You can always find a human aspect even within the deepest and darkest digital compositions. How do we harness these very colorful and very visceral sounds. How do we create the human element within the electronic one.

Humanity is Rife with rhythm in Music and Sound it is a phenomenal thing to create sounds and create music and to do it wonderfully. Like I said at the beginning every culture has its different music different sound different way of doing rhythmic transformations. We ca all atest the simple fact that music and musicians influence just about everyone and everything in the known world. We can also agree that an online session drummer in California can evoke the same kind of happiness that a violinist from Russia can. Its all about the most captivating thing that has ever came about music and the evocations of the music that all can have apart of.

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