Choosing the Right Tire For Your Rat Rod

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Choosing the Right Tire For Your Rat Rod


Held annually on the third Saturday in August since 1995, the Woodward Dream Cruise pulls in over 40,000 cars – from vintage to classic on the latest powerful models. The days are counting down to the big 2011 Dream Cruise – which will be kept in the Detroit area on Saturday August 20, 2011!! You can come earlier and find out a good amount of the cars, listen to some good music, and eat some terrific food, if you’d prefer! ( and you need to!! )

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If you aren’t from your Motor City or have never been, Woodward Avenue will be the absolute ultimate cruise strip. Running approximately 25 miles from downtown Detroit over to Pontiac, it can be 4 lanes wide in each direction, with a huge median at the center, and a a lot of extra places in the process to halt and eat or shop. Or park.



From my perspective, the Cruise starts around 9 Mile Road and runs north in the market to Wide Track Drive in Pontiac – that is a 16 mile trek! Wide Track was conveniently made as being a loop round the capital of scotland – Pontiac, which means you just remain on it and head back south to get it done once again! All along the way when you drive either direction, are cars cruising, cars parked, the ones checking out cars. Over a million and a half people!!


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3. Maintenance – Take good care of my baby Nothing like washing and waxing your selected vehicle. Or is there? You definitely require are of the car whether it’s simple oil changes, valve adjustments, or simply a great cleaning. This also is dependent upon what sort of car you drive. I don’t know of several people that wash and wax a genuine Rat Rod, or perhaps properly maintain them, but that is the way it fits them. a good Hot Rod or Muscle Car needs its love, especially to maintain the worth for quite some time into the future.



If your funds or lending amount is low, it is possible to good selections for the buyer. Many hot rodders start small buying an automobile that needs a great deal of work, and in the end time and expense may be invested to create a truly remarkable ride. A newer scene towards the hot rod arena could be the rat rod. This is an old and pummelled looking rod that’s usually painted using a primer, or the body itself is rusted. The owners usually put more effort in to the performance than looks, although looks may be an art in itself. Some more unique rat rods which might be on the market include cars with actual doorknobs for door handles, a couple of pliers for the gear shifter, and also the trunk could possibly be a well used storage trunk.