About us


Creating a world of Sound and Music is one of the most invigorating things that a human being can do. We take sound music audible harmonics and everything that can rattle your eardrum very seriously here at Firebird Alliance. Creating these things from scratch and leaving an indelible print of sound upon the human psyche is what we are all about and creating a harmonious environment to Foster sounds and Foster and Goro beautiful elements of music is what we are all about. Sometimes we might think of music as something just for entertainment. This is simply not the case. Everything in our natural world makes music makes sound. Everything in our world even from the trees rustling in the breeze from a beautiful dolphin or so or a whale’s song. Sound is ubiquitous throughout the Universe and creating this sentence almost. Godlike power is what Firebird Alliance is all about. We worship the god of Music the god of sound the creation of a living breathing entity that breathes life into Humanity and conquer the universe through electromagnetic pulses and sound waves that travel at 780 miles per hour

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