Please contact us if you have an idea or thought about what can be added to the great body of music and musicians and what can be done to connect people with the power of music and with the power of sound. If you have an idea about how to disseminate understanding of Music contact us if you have an idea about music in general contact us whatever it may be pertaining to the power of sound the power of music The Power of beautiful harmonies contact us we will be ecstatic to hear from you we want to connect people who want to be contacted. Want to contact you……. sound is all around us sound can be used as a tool 2 help people it may need help with a developmentally delayed mind depression all sorts of things. Music has been shown to alleviate symptoms of menopause and symptoms of depression and pain and emotional trauma. Music can be seen to help animals of All Sorts birds can dance to it sound is used to break up calcium deposits within the kidneys and many other medicinal uses. Soothing music has been shown to lower blood pressure and even help ones get out of the states of anxiety. The power of sound in the power of music cannot be understated. The power of sound in the power of music cannot be used or utilized to its full potential also unless we transmit these ideas transmit the sound transmit this